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proper ledger account numbers. Save 20 and Get Free Shipping, Plus a free Gift With our Money Saving Refill Program. Define the data export controls for the type of outbound transaction. Selection of vouchers for payment can be done via company, vendor, discount date, net due date, voucher number or a combination of the above parameters. Color coding makes organizing your payables easy! Deliver Every: 15 Days20 Days30 Days, see Details, open. Great American Automotive products, lowest Price GuaranteeCall Today, home Standard Accounts Payable Voucher Jackets. If you create additional versions of the Voucher or Journal Entry MBF Processing Options program, you must specify the version that you create in the processing option of the voucher entry program that uses the master business function processing options. For vouchers, use the F0411 Interoperability Processing Options program (P0400048).

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Define the flat file cross-reference if you need to write the data to a flat file because the interface table does not conform to the format that is required by the external system. The system places a copy of each of these transaction in the interface table that corresponds to the type of transaction that you specify in the processing option: Voucher transactions are placed in the F0411Z3 table.

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Values are: Blank: Write the payment record only after it has been changed; do not write a before image record. This section provides an overview of outbound interoperability setup for Accounts Payable, lists prerequisites, and discusses how to:.2.1 Understanding Outbound Interoperability Setup for Accounts Payable. The check payment procedure has been simplified so as to allow selection for payments by various parameters. 1: Write two payment records: one before the payment was changed and one after the payment was changed. Corresponding journal entry transactions are placed in the F0911Z4 table. See, understanding Interoperability for General Accounting. This method reduces the possibility of data entry errors. For multi-department expense allocations, our "auto distribution" feature provides unlimited predefined expense codes for automatic voucher distribution. Discounts can be accepted during the check writing procedure even if the invoice is past due. The system creates these records in the F0413 and F0414 Interoperability Tables (F0413Z1 and F0414Z1) when outbound interoperability processing is enabled. Before Image, specify whether the system creates a record of the voucher before it was changed, in addition to a record of the voucher after the change. Accounts Payable can optionally be integrated with our Purchase Order system for tracking purchase orders and backlogged items.

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