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mind, Nine can be reckless, hot-headed, and insensitive. Though once he and Maddy get out of the apartment, she pulls out a taser and shocks him, effectively disabling him and leading to his capture. Loridas 's charm, making him Number Nine. On their way, they are attacked by a Mogadorian, but are saved by an unseen. As the skimmer starts to shoot, Nine dives for cover with Eight's body. They are taken captive in glass cages in the back of a van when it crashes and the government agents are severely injured. At some point, he notices Six and Sam heading to an empty house and later teases them about. Nine misses him a lot, but often pretends that the Cpans are "expendable" and his death doesn't matter.

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Four is still recovering from the blow he received from the force field at the time. He says it lasts 10 minutes. Nine uses Legacy Transference to allow Sam to use the Lorien crystal which allows the user to have X-ray vision. They are captured by agents Walker and Purdy and the.S government who are using Mogadorian weapons. Nine is emotionally hurt after her betrayal, but decides that she is not the enemy and holds no serious ill will toward her, seeing as how she was being forced to cooperate. Battle of Dulce, New Mexico Edit dutch couponing On the way to New Mexico, Nine fights with hooligan truck drivers for some hitchhikers, giving justice and revealing that Nine is a humanitarian. Sandor is appointed as his unofficial Cpan and goes to Earth with him.