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edit_order in catalog/model/checkout/p, I can see, that the order is voided first and the order status set to 0: Code: Select all / Void the order first 0 I am not sure, why that has to be done. Can anyone please explain what I can to do resolve this? I ask about it to other people and no one have problems with this extension. Still curious about the voiding of order. And if it can't, hHas this be 'fixed' in OC3? Anyway, even setting the coupon. Helo I am currently using opencart version.5.1 on a website and when a customer makes a payment through paypal, the transaction appears as cancelled and then is sent as pending to paypal. What I actually meant with my previous post was the real order edit. If not, think it's time to jump ship and try a new cart. As the order_status_id is set to 0, later through the API (catalog/controller/api/p) the order_status is set to the status defined during the order edit form in the backend admin: Code: Select all /Line 676 order_status_id As the order_status has been set to 0 in the.

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However, what I did notice was the following orders where the customer has used that coupon laracasts coupon code more than once, the following order's status' are all set to Cancelled. Hi, im having the very same issue. Reading Daniel's rants to ppl's complaints about this order status coupon issue in the github thread suggests that this is by design? I'm not able of solve this problem, I'm stuck here trying figure out what is happening, i installed a payment extension, and when i try pay the product with a credit card, everything works, my payment server confirms the transation and the OpenCart sends email. The log files just output: 4:50:29 - and this is the piece of js at payment extension whitch call the function to confirm the payment: eateCardToken( cardNumber: input#numero-cartao.val brand: input#bandeira.val cvv: input#cvv.val expirationMonth: expiration0, expirationYear: expiration1, success: function(data).ajax( url: data: 'creditCardToken' ken ' senderHash' tSenderHash. Could you explain me, why we need to void it first in order to edit it? Thanks very much in advance. Uses Per Coupon: 2, uses Per Customer: 1, allows the coupon to be used an unlimited amount of time. Edit: Through your modifications, obviously the same result would be achieved as order edits don't have a notify var as far as I can see.

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