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336-?/? 4 Speed Original color: L10 - Bahama Yellow Condition: Current color: L03 Wedgewood Blue For Sale 7/20/09 Vin 65/287 Color L03 Wedgewood Blue Renault R16 Engine 4-Speed Webber carb Valve job done recently Rotors and Drums refinished New trans axle seals Alternator built in regulator. The frame and uncarriage appear to be solid. 4 Speed Condition: Current color: Red Running condition B 541264 Last Updated: 11/13/11 Tim Slykhuis Ottawa Canada As invoiced: Vin Number: 54/1264 Transmission 336-?/? 4 Speed Original color: L07 - Lotus Yellow Condition: Current color: Lotus Yellow Has Weber dcoe carbeuretor installed. Here is what we can tell you about it now: 65-2096, Engine 0558, Transmission 1006, Green, running condition needing restoration when we sold it, complete car. Condition since restoration: truly build by Hand 200 better than New. The car has a rearward flipping back half and a Bank's style vented front trunk lid. 4 Speed Original color: L04 - Cirrus White Condition: Current color: Red This 1971 lotus europa S2 project car has had fire damage.

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It needs to be gone thru-brakes need bleeding, the electrical system is not horrible, but needs attention-a good example that could be really nice without too much outlay. We haven't decided if we are going to restore it or sell. Am about to have it resprayed in Type 47 Cirrus White ( probably the British Racing Green stripe) datavalidation coupon code will send some photos eventually. The center console is plywood wrapped in vynel(looks nice but I think it would be better with the original console). 4 Speed Original color: L10 - Bahama Yellow Condition: Current color: Bahama Yellow Good 4A-GE Blacktop and NG-1 Transmission Photos ast Updated: 11/5/10 Conrad Webb Liburn Georgia USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 65/0265R Date Built: 4/11/1970 Date Invoiced: 5/14/1970 Engine 821-30/1044 Transmission 336-56/1009 4 Speed. Photos B 541639 Last Updated: 7/15/08 Richard Lyons Massachusetts USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 54/1639 Date Invoiced: 5/7/1969 Engine 821-30/0221 Transmission 336-?/? He reverse cloned the gas tank so he'd have 2 instead of just the one 7 gallon. The car has not been registered since 1990. It was owned by father/son who fixed up Europas and sold them to Japanese buyers in the 90's. Trans is a 4 speed but car also comes with a 5 speed (was going to put it in but found it unnessessary) Tires are 195/50/zr15 front and 235/45/zr17 rear on 15x7 and 17x8 koening graphite rims. 1502 Basket case Parted out 3/06 ast Updated: 11/04 Jim Dodd USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 65/0466R Date Built: 6/18/1970 Date Invoiced: 7/20/1970 Engine 821-30/1297 Transmission 336-56/? I need to work on that.

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