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is nice to have, an on/off switch harness with a charge lead that will come in handy as you progress in the hobby, and a 4xAA battery holder to power the receiver that you will never use. That is really what it is with it's lack of options and lack of screen. . Out of the box: The 424 SLT comes like nicely packaged like pretty much all.

Again, the low default rate made me feel like I was flying a balloon. . Not everybody can wait for Black Friday to take advantage of the best toy deals stores and online retailers have to offer. The marketing professional in me kind of wishes Tower would rename this the Tower Hobbies Wireless Trainer System. Also, to catch the latest reviews, follow us on Twitter @RealRCReviews or our facebook page). Conclusion: With that in mind, what you are getting for about 50 is a wireless trainer with a 6 channel receiver to use on a new plane. Surprisingly, this radio comes with a 6 channel SLT compatible receiver, that's a 20 value on that alone. . Dont forget to check the clearance in toy departments at this time of year, too. It really wasn't as maneuverable as a quad on it's lowest setting. Get your toy coupons ready, and plan for the best times to buy toys. This is the part when I tell you why the 424 would come in handy for a more advanced pilot. You can find popular board games for as little as 5! Also, since this radio uses SLT, youll be able to fly all of Hobbicos 4 channel TXR (transmitter ready) aircraft, which currently offer an array of planes, helicopters and quadcopters.

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