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software purchases and software development; aid that would promote/subsidise the cost of exports; internships for students of knowledge institutions; design and. Applications are due the second Friday of each month and will be reviewed by the Technology Research Collaborative. The voucher provides the company with easy access to specialist services, such as creating a business website and using it profitably, learning to use e-commerce tools to buy or sell, or adopting more sophisticated ICT tools for internal processes, such as better resource planning, supply. Applicants must be science or technology companies affiliated with an approved program.

See Call Schedule below, call Schedule - Open Calls for Standard Innovation Voucher Applications in 2018. Outside of the open calls,. The company and the knowledge provider jointly agree on the work programme for the project in advance of submitting an application. The Innovation Voucher Initiative was a key recommendation of the Small Business Forum in their report Small Business is Big Business, published in 2006. Up to 4,000 will be awarded each month. As a result, there are an additional 10 Knowledge Providers from Northern Ireland participating in the initiative, bringing the total number to 38 in Ireland. Eligibility Criteria and Conditions of Use. All applications for our Standard Voucher must be made during one of our open calls, and we strongly recommend that you commence your application well in advance of the call close date and time. Approved programs are identified on the application. Wednesday 16th May, 2018, wednesday 30th May, 2018 at 3pm.

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